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UNIVERSAL CATIA V4/V5 - NX (Unigraphics) CADverter Translation Service

The UNIVERSAL CATIA <> NX (Unigraphics) CADverter is a direct database converter between both CATIA V4 and CATIA V5 Modelling Applications and the UGS NX (Unigraphics) file format. It enables the user to convert all forms of 3 Dimensional Mechanical Design Geometry and Assembly data, together with system defined attribute information and colour information, between these systems.

This single translator accepts all combinations of CATIA V4 or CATIA V5 data and processes it directly into the UGS NX (Unigraphics) file format. Therefore it doesn't matter if the CATIA V4 data is in EXPORT, MODEL, SESSION or CATIA V4 Assembly Modeller format, they are all seamlessly processed from CATIA to the NX (Unigraphics) file format. In addition, when processing CATIA V5 data, the same translator is capable of processing all combinations of CATProduct or CATPart files or even CATProducts that include references to native CATIA V4 models. Therefore this single UNIVERSAL CATIA <> NX (Unigraphics) CADverter will satisfy all requirements for processing any format of CATIA data into the NX (Unigraphics) file format or outputting either CATIA V4 or V5 data from conversion of an NX (Unigraphics) file.

The translator may be operated in either an interactive or batch mode. The command line interface allows the conversion process to be integrated into any process oriented operation e.g. create NX (Unigraphics) data while saving the data to a Data Vault. Alternatively, the translation process may be driven from the standard Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI methodology ensures that casual users are able to make effective use of the product without needing to remember complex command syntax.

This product has been developed using a combination of the UGS and Dassault Systemes CATIA V5 Development Environments. The use of vendor supported development environments ensures that the data being processed conforms to the specific requirements of the various applications. In addition, as the vendors improve their respective propriety file formats, their supported development environments remove all risks associated with database changes and guarantee to keep pace with the changes they make.

To improve the performance of an overall translation process, the user may select subsets of the input CATIA data to be processed. Focusing the translator to process only those specific geometry elements required reduces the overall time taken to process the data and eliminates the need to post process the output data.

UNIVERSAL CATIA V4/V5 - NX (Unigraphics) Main Features

  • Single translator processes all combinations of CATIA data including native CATIA V4, native CATIA V5 and CATIA V5 referencing CATIA V4 data.
  • Converts all types of geometry, wire frame, surface, trimmed surfaces (faces) and solid models.
  • Maintains assembly hierarchical structure between the systems.
  • Converts attribute data including colour and layer information.
  • The conversion process can be run Interactively or Batch mode.
  • Command line interface allows process integration within any business process.
  • Input data may be filtered by layer and entity type during processing.
  • Built using vendor support development environments.
UNIVERSAL CATIA V4/V5 NX (Unigraphics) Main Benefits
  • Being a direct database translator all pre and post processing effort is eliminated, therefore saving time.
  • Reduce costs due to processing time and increase overall conversion success levels by filtering input data and focusing the conversion to only those elements required.
  • Reduce capital costs by using a single translator for all combinations of CATIA V4 & CATIA V5 data.
  • The use of vendor supported development environments remove the risk of business issues related to propriety database changes and delays in keeping pace with system changes.
  • With over 20 years of industrial use CADverter's robustness and quality is well proven, reducing your business risk.

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